Item Information

Sugar Grove Station

Sale-Lot Number:
Sale Type:
Sealed Bid
City, State:
Sugar Grove, WV
Bids Opened:
12/01 12:01 PM CT (Closed)
Time Remaining:
Send Bids to:
U.S. General Services Administration
MLK Building
77 Forsyth Street Suite 130
Atlanta GA 30303
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Additional Documents

Invitation for Bids
Environmental Condition Report
Plat of property
current maint. & historical op. costs
Bldg. dimensions & apprx. ages
FEMA floodmap
Update to Enviro.Condit.of Prop.
Sugar Grove Gas line map

133 Hedrick Drive
Sugar Grove, WV 26815

Contact: Susan Webb
Phone: 404-331-9610
Fax: 404-331-2727

For inquiries/questions regarding payment, contact the following sales office:

Southeast Sunbelt Region
77 Forsyth Street, SW
Suite 130
Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: 404-331-5133
Fax: 404-331-2727

Auction Description and Bidding Rules

Auction Properties

  • Close Time: 12/01 12:01 PM CT
  • Status: Closed

Closing Rules:

This auction will end in one of these ways:

Note: "N/A" or a blank indicates that the value is not available for this auction.

How To Bid

Placing a Bid

Winning the auction

The highest bid at the close of the auction will be considered for award of the sale. The Government reserves the right to reject any and all bids for any reason.

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